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  • November 13 - 14, 2013

  • January 21 -22, 2014

  • March 4 - 5, 2014

    MEDIATION TRAINING LEVEL 1 [Pre-requisite is DDP]

  • February 18 - 20, 2014

    MEDIATION TRAINING LEVEL 2 [Pre-requisite is MTL1]

  • March 25 - 27, 2014


  • To be announced

    SCMS reserves the right to cancel any training date if there is insufficient number of participants.

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    Dealing with Difficult People:
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    Mediation Training:
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  • Course Information

    Saskatoon Community Mediation Services (SCMS) works hand in hand with Resolution Skills Centre (RSC) in Winnipeg, a leader in resolution training locally, nationally and internationally. They offer individual courses, certificate programs, and customized training for your workplace. They help individuals build confidence to effectively address conflicts in their workplaces, homes and communities through a wide range of courses. SCMS works as a satellite office for RSC, to offer some of the following Mediation courses here in Saskatoon:

    Dealing with Difficult People (DDP) (2 days)
    Through this course you will explore personal case studies and consider how you respond to difficult people and conflict situations and how that affects your life. You will learn communication skills to use in difficult situations and increase your ability to proactively engage others to resolve conflict. More importantly, you will learn and practice processes for clearing up misunderstandings, recovering from mistakes and resolving disagreements. Fee: $350

    Mediation Skills Training Level 1 (3 days)
    In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a comprehensive model for conducting interpersonal mediation. A process that typically unfolds over a period of weeks and months will be explored intensively over 3 action-packed days. Experienced mediators will provide coaching and feedback along the way. (Pre-requisite: Dealing with Difficult People) Fee: $695

    Mediation Skills Training Level 2 (3 days)
    Participants will build on and strengthen their capacity to make use of the comprehensive model for conducting inter-personal mediation that was introduced in level one. Skills related to conducting initial interviews, co-mediator planning, follow-up preparation/coaching, and carrying out mediation in situations where parties have an ongoing relationship will be strengthened. Additional frameworks and skills related to restorative justice, screening and assessment, and for addressing a host of other challenges that inevitably arise in the course of mediation will also be explored. Experienced Mediators will provide coaching and feedback throughout. (Pre-requisite: Mediation Level One (1) Fee: $695


    Training from Resolution Skills Centre will help you transform conflict into springboard for positive change. With a foundation in conflict resolution theory and hands-on experience practicing resolution skill, you can create effective exchange and develop long-lasting solutions to conflicts in your life. For further details on RSC's Certificate Program, you may visit "".

    More courses coming up soon!