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The SCMS Resource Centre is open during our regular office hours. Members have borrowing privileges. If you need assistance from staff please phone 1-306-244-0440 before coming in.

This centre contains materials that are pertinent to conflict resolution. These include pamphlets, news clippings, audio cassettes, video tapes, books, journals, essays, various documents, newsletters and magazines.

Major topics include:

  • The current Criminal Justice System
  • Alternatives to the current Criminal Justice System
  • Crime Prevention
  • Networking Directories
  • Mediation in various environments - examples include: domestic violence; institutional (various); peer; environmental; victim-offender -- both adult and youth
  • Training materials that can be used in schools and youth groups
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution models - e.g. North America, Australasia, South America
  • Restorative Justice

We also have general materials that cover aboriginal, health, women and family issues.

We are in the process of compiling a data base for the Resource Centre

SCMS New Library Material:

Worldview Skills: Transforming Conflict from the Inside Out:  Author – Jessie Sutherland

In this book you will learn about inspirational community based initiatives that make a difference.  Gain new skills for transcending victim offender cycles.  Savour stories about reconciliation.  Develop new insights into worldview conflicts and how to transform them.

Emotional Intelligence at Work: Author – Hendrie Weisinger

Experts now acknowledge that emotional intelligence is perhaps the most crucial determinant of success in the workplace.  Dr. Hendrie Weisinger shares with the world the means to realize personal ambitions and optimize organizational effectiveness through the masterful management of emotion.

Peace in the Classroom:   Author – Hetty Adams

Hetty Adams shows teachers how to lay the foundation of peacemaking skills that children will need in the classroom and beyond.  It is full of practical, fun, open-ended activities that can be used alone, extended and enhanced to become mini themes, or integrated language arts, social studies and art.  Peace in the Classroom is ideal for every elementary classroom.

The Little Book of Restorative Discipline for Schools: Author – Lorraine Stutzman-Amstutz and Judy H. Mullet

“Discipline that restores is a process to make things as right as possible.” This little book shows how to get there.

Resolving Conflicts at Work: Author – Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith

This book provides a handy guide for resolving conflicts, miscommunications and misunderstandings at work and outlines the author’s eight strategies that show how the inevitable disputes and divisions in the workplace actually provide an opportunity for greater creativity, productivity, enhanced morale and personal growth.  This edition includes current case studies that put a focus on leadership, management and how organizations can design systems to change a culture of avoidance into a culture of creative conflict.

We Can Work It Out: Author – Marshall B. Rosenberg

Marshall Rosenberg has learned it is possible to resolve conflicts peacefully and to everyone’s satisfaction.  Using the powerful process of non-violent communication, it’s not about compromise, its about creating a caring and respectful quality of connection between the parties in conflict.

Beyond Neutrality : Author – Bernard S. Mayer

This book focuses on the current crisis in the field of conflict resolution and offers a pragmatic response.  Mayer urges practitioners to evolve from resolution to engagement and actual advocacy, going beyond neutrality in order to redefine conflict resolution at a level of participation more appropriate to the current era.  Beyond Neutrality challenges mediators, arbitrators, therapists, attorneys and counsellors to take conflict resolution to the next level of effectiveness, utility and engagement.


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