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Although SCMS now uses other processes, mediation is the conflict resolution process that has been the speciality of SCMS since the beginning of the organization. Mediation is an active process in which an impartial third person helps disputing parties discuss the conflict and work out a solution that feels fair and realistic to those involved. 

Mediated agreements tend to succeed because they result from a process that gives people in conflict the opportunity to express their needs and to create their own solution to the dispute. Mediation can work in situations where there is a mutual willingness among the parties to participate in the mediation process. Mediation is not right for everybody or every situation. Mediation agreements tend to come out of meetings where participants are able to express their feelings and their opinions while demonstrating respect for the other party. Where mediation is used, successful agreements result more than four times out of five. 

Saskatoon Community Mediation Services working philosophy of Mediation:

Mediation is the primary  process which Saskatoon Community Mediation Services uses and teaches as a means of resolving conflict. 

The foundation of SCMS mediation practice and training is the belief in the value and dignity of every person. SCMS staff endeavour to mirror this belief in their work as mediators, trainers, coaches and their personal lives. SCMS teaches skills and process as important tools for personal and community empowerment with the recognition that skills and models are only a framework for effective conflict resolution. In SCMS' view, the key to healing justice is the genuineness and respect with which the mediator applies the learned skills. 

Being authentic as a mediator requires a great deal of self-awareness and a willingness to engage in continuing self-evaluation. As mediators learn about themselves, they will learn more about their limitations and biases and develop greater sensitivity. Through this process of self-development, mediators will become more authentic and open and more able to be themselves as mediators. 

SCMS believes disputants need a mediator whom they perceive to be non-judgmental, respectfully honest and attentive to them. Achieving this state is a matter of focus and intent. The focus is on the needs of the people in conflict. The intent is to be of service to the disputants. The mediator's words, responses and implementation of the process flow out of a connectedness with the people in the mediation room and are congruent with what is happening at that moment. 

A mediator's role is to: 

  • Balance the power by assisting each person to recognize and use his or her own power 
  • Encourage people to listen to and understand one another 
  • Help people be more clear about their own needs 
  • Help people explore their choices 
  • Affirm that people need to make their own decisions



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